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I'm a freelance writer, focusing on politics in the UK and Australia, particularly refugee and immigration issues. Right now, I'm also an intern at the FT Weekend, writing (though mostly editing and fact-checking!) about property and homes. I finished my master's degree at the University of Oxford, with a thesis on the ethics of refugee policy and the global refugee regime, in 2017.

On this site: you can find a portfolio of my published work, including in the New Statesman and New Matilda, here. I have a more regular blog about politics, and under 'miscellanea' I occasionally blog about books or food, or just post nice photos. You can also subscribe to my TinyLetter or read my published academic work.

I grew up in Melbourne, and moved to the UK in 2012 for university. Beyond my writing, I've worked at the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, the Australian Government in Canberra and Universities UK in London.

I used to do far too much university debating, including being part of the 8th-ranked team at the 2015 World Championships. (I'm debating, at the European Championships in Zagreb, in the photo.)