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Brief thoughts on the incredible shrinking US refugee deal

The Washington Post reported last night that Malcolm Turnbull's Saturday phone call with Donald Trump was, contrary to initial reports, a huge disaster. Trump hates the refugee-swap deal, under which the US will resettle refugees held on Manus Island and Nauru and Australia will take refugees from Central America. If anyone was unsure about the reporting, he helpfully tweeted a few hours later about the "dumb deal". Lots of freaking out has ensued, particularly from Americans. Scattered comments, before I leave for the morning to work (which at the moment, depressingly enough, means reading more about refugees.)

1. The key to thinking about this is to realise that Australians, on the whole, do not care what happens to these refugees. Obviously a sizeable and passionate minority do, but taken together we have demonstrated over the years total political indifference to their plight. The refugee swap was announced in November last year. Before that, the Turnbull government …