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What did they think Leave was about?

The spectacle of people defecting from the campaign to leave the EU has been truly bizarre. Sarah Wollaston switched sides because she decided that the Leave campaign was lying about the amount of money Britain could spend on healthcare if it weren't in the EU. Sayeeda Warsi, a Tory member of the House of Lords, became too disgusted with the xenophobia of the campaign to stand, and so this week she switched sides as well.

At first glance this doesn't make sense. If you really thought the UK would be better off out, then it's hard to see why the Leave campaign's tactics would change your mind about that. If you think the Leave battle bus is covered in lies, then don't campaign with them, or don't campaign at all - but what does that bus have to do with what really matters, with the economy or sovereignty or immigration or whatever you want to focus on?

Warsi's explanation is a pretty decent one. Leave, she said, has become "small-minded, xenophobic and …