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Don't splash cartoons of Muhammad today

Yesterday morning, the editors at the Independent, Berliner Kurier, Berliner Zeitung, and a handful of other newspapers around the world were not intending to publish cartoons of Muhammad on their covers today. The reason was no doubt partly that they would have had no relevance to anything those newspapers wanted to cover – though that didn’t, of course, stop the Danish Jyllands-Posten or well over a hundred newspapers across the world publishing cartoons in 2005.
Part of the reason may also have been that such cartoons would have been gratuitously insulting. There’s a good case to be made that depictions like Charlie Hebdo’s are frequently racist and contribute to the demonization people – Muslims in France – who are already marginalised. But even putting that aside, nobody denies that ridiculing cartoons of Muhammad are offensive to Muslims who believe that images of the Prophet – especially mocking ones – are forbidden.
That offence isn’t a good reason to prohibit newspapers from…