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What Victoria's state election isn't

I didn't get sent the postal ballot I applied for, so my contribution to the Victorian democratic process for this year will come in the form of a short rant.

There have been a lot of articles in the last week, and will inevitably be more in the next few days, about the contribution of the Abbott government and its unpopularity to this result. A state government in Victoria has not been removed after one term since the 1950s. It happened today; the idea that Denis Napthine and the Victorian Liberal Party were tarred with the federal party's toxic brush is an easy explanation of why. Here is one analysis piece, blaming the Coalition's defeat on "a toxic fusion of state and national politics". Here is a news article saying that the result "will inevitably be interpreted as sending a strong message to Canberra" - as if that interpretation just happens, magically, and not because of articles which say things like that. A very brief and straightforward histo…