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The Art of Clash

A speech, so limited and dictated in style, length etc. I intend to treat this subject more comprehensively; my ability to produce new material is horrifically limited by the evil spectre of school. -- In the immortal words of Martin Luther King, “Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are annoying idiots.” I agree with him.
But politics is actually quite important, for a bunch of moral, social, aspirational and – honestly – pretty pretentious reasons, which I’m not going to explain here.  But that leads us to a bigger question – if politics is so important, why is it so bad?
Now some of you may know that I’ve spent my whole life, and hundreds of hours, doing debating.  So to answer that question, I’ll go to what I know best.  Our coaches at debating told us that when we were responding to a question, an argument, or a challenge, the best response was to be strong.  Your arguments have a principle, and you should stick to it.
Our politicians don’t.  Let’s look at why.