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You Don't Understand

-- Eighteen months ago, forty-five minutes of my day, five days a week, were dedicated to an important project.  Over about a month, I spent hours sitting in front of an A3 piece of paper, toting a fineliner with which I painstakingly drew a hand, holding a martini glass.  Once that ordeal was complete I added some details to the background: balloons.  Then a tree.  Then a Give Way sign.  I’m a creative child.
Now if you had made somebody sit down in front of this undisputed masterpiece and explain what it meant, they naturally wouldn’t have been able to do so; but more importantly, I wouldn’t have regarded that failure as evidence of their intellectual inferiority to me.  I don’t want to talk about cases which parallel mine – that is, art created totally without meaning simply because I couldn’t leave the room and had one of the art department’s numerous intimidating characters standing over my shoulder – but I would like to address the vast number of artworks which are deliberately an…