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Twilight: A Chapter Review

A rant, nothing more or less. Not my usual style and not one of my most eloquent pieces but it's as good a place as any to start, there will be stuff of better quality forthcoming...

I read a chapter of Twilight. A whole chapter I didn’t explode. I didn’t suddenly and inexplicably turn into a vampire. Or a girl. And – horror of horrors – I’m not even physically sick, or dangerously angry.
Certainly it’s annoying that something like this can spend 52 weeks on top of some bestseller list somewhere – you can tell I’ve done my research – whilst far better ones languish unappreciated. This is not a good book. I feel safe concluding that having read one chapter because there are some things good books do and this doesn’t do any of them. I’m not a proofreader so I’m trying not to go through every paragraph of the thing and point out what’s wrong with it. But as much as I said I’m not dangerously angry, I’m still angry enough.
I actually read more than a chapter: there was a dedicat…